Facial Rejuvenation

Today’s facial plastic surgery procedures can provide more natural looking results. The goal is facial rejuvenation, and it’s about helping you look your best—not like someone else. These surgeries deliver lasting results, but also grow with you so you can age gracefully and in a natural looking way. Depending on the outcome desired, these techniques can be used either in isolation or in conjunction with one another.

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Brow Lift

A sagging brow can make you appear to be permanently frowning, tired or sad. A brow lift can treat this condition, resulting in more open eyes, better definition and space above the top eyelid, reduction of frown lines, a more natural eyebrow arch and a smoother forehead.

A traditional brow lift involves a delicate incision parallel to the hairline from ear to ear. The endoscopic brow lift method requires 4 or 5 small incisions behind the hairline. With each technique, Dr. Hess separates the skin from the deeper tissues. The skin is then lifted, excess facial skin is removed and the brow is repositioned.

Eyelid Lift / Blepharoplasty

An eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) involves the surgical removal of loose skin and fat deposits that surround your eyes. Factors such as age, stress level, and heredity can all contribute to changes in the way your eyes look as you age. For some, this means an excessively puffy appearance, deep bags, or dark circles that won’t go away. When your eyes begin to look aged, it can convey unintended expressions, such as tired or sad, when you’re not. Eyelid rejuvenation surgery can help you reverse these affects of aging and look younger and much better refreshed.

Ear Surgery

“Ear pinning surgery” or otoplasty is a surgical procedure that can correct over-developed, protruding ears. This surgery is commonly performed for children, and people often refer to the procedure as a “pinning back” of the ears. Protruding ears can be troublesome for children (or people of any age). To prevent teasing or negative effects on self-confidence, many parents choose for their child to have otoplasty performed early in life.


Facelift surgery can improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck. Many patients in their 50s are looking for a second lease on life and want to look as youthful as they feel. A facelift can make that possible, taking several years off your appearance.

There are two primary types of facelift procedures—a mid facelift or a full facelift—which are sometimes combined for the best results. A specialty of Dr. Hess, these delicate procedures require a combined sense of artistry with understanding of the facial anatomy.

Fat Grafting

During facial fat grafting, fat is harvested from your own body. Dr. Hess first performs liposuction on the thighs, flanks or abdomen and then prepares it for injection. The harvesting and subsequent injection of fat is done with cannulas (tiny hollow tubes), specially designed by Dr. Hess, that deposit fat in very conservative amounts.

Neck Lift

Aging in the neck area can negatively affect your appearance in several ways. The most noticeable problem is the loss of youthful angularity in your jaw and lower face, as bone structure gets hidden underneath excess skin and sagging tissue. People affected by this condition should consider neck contouring. Several procedures have been designed to address an aging neckline, including the neck lift and neck liposuction.

Do you have questions about facial rejuvenation? Ask Dr. Hess during your consultation here in Fairfax, Virginia. We regularly meet with patients from nearby areas such as Arlington, Washington DC and greater Northern Virginia.

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