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Botox® Cosmetic Wrinkle Treatment

botox-fairfaxBotox® is easily the most popular cosmetic treatment in the Washington DC area. People choose Botox as a non-surgical treatment for reducing the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles.

Facial wrinkles generally fall into one of two categories: dynamic or static. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by the action of facial muscles and appear as forehead creases, brow furrows and eye wrinkles (commonly referred to as crow’s feet. If left untreated, dynamic wrinkles eventually become static wrinkles, which are more permanent and are present even when the facial muscles are at rest. Sun exposure, smoking, underlying skin conditions, poor nutrition, gravity or genetic factors can speed up the development of static wrinkles.

Why Botox?

Botox can be used to prevent the formation or progression of both dynamic and static wrinkles. Botox effectively inactivates the muscles that produce wrinkles, thereby causing lines to disappear or diminish dramatically.  There is even evidence that Botox injections can help a person feel happier by correcting a tired or angry appearance. (¹,²) A Botox treatment is quick, typically 10 – 15 minutes in Dr. Hess’s office.

The effects of the injection become evident within 4 to 8 days, and the results usually last three to six months. When the effects begin to fade, you may return for follow-up treatment. Many patients report that after several treatments, the effect of Botox appears to last longer.

What to Expect After Botox Treatment

Because Botox is used in extremely small amounts and does not spread throughout the body, you can return to full activity immediately. Due to its successful results on many happy clients over the course of the past two decades, the popularity of Botox treatments continues to increase. It is an ideal treatment for those who do not wish to face the risk of surgery nor have the time for more complicated procedures. People also appreciate the fact that Botox treatments can produce results that are subtle and natural.

People who are pregnant, breastfeeding or who have a neurological disease are among those who should not use Botox.

FAQ’s about Botox in Fairfax

What is Botox?
Botox is a purified protein that has the ability to relax the muscle into which it is injected. This effect may be partial or complete, depending on the amount of Botox used and on the relative strength of the muscle into which it is injected. The relaxation produced by Botox is temporary (usually 3-6 months), as the treated muscle will gradually become active again over time.

How is Botox used?
Botox is injected into muscles in the forehead and around the eyes that cause wrinkles when you frown, squint, laugh or smile. The injections block the transmission of nerve impulses to the affected muscles, so the muscles relax and the skin looks smoother.

Does it hurt?
Most patients experience minimal discomfort, comparable to the sting of an insect bite. The treatment takes about 10 minutes. You should not bend over or lie down for 6 hours after an injection to keep the Botox from spreading to other muscles. The shots do not cause numbness.

How long does Botox last?
Typically, it takes 4-8 days for Botox to start to take effect, with full effect sometimes taking up to two weeks. The results last for 3 to 6 months. To maintain your new look, you will need to repeat treatments every 3 to 6 months.

What are the benefits?
Fewer wrinkles will appear on the forehead, between your brows, frown lines, and in other areas where you have the injections. Deep creases may still be visible, but will appear more relaxed. The process of wrinkling stops as long as the Botox is working.

One less well-known benefit of Botox is that the injections help some patients experience fewer and less severe headaches, even when treatment is done for cosmetic purposes.

What are the risks?

  • Stinging or redness around injection sites is common but usually lasts only minutes.
  • Slight bruising at the injection site happens occasionally but lasts only 2 to 3 days and is easily covered by makeup. Temporary drooping of eyelids is possible but unlikely.
  • Headaches have been reported but are uncommon.
  • Having treatment with an experienced Botox injector may help to decrease risk.

Who is a candidate for Botox?
Any person who wishes to slow the aging process around the eyes and forehead region with minimal downtime is an appropriate candidate for Botox injections. Botox is not recommended for women who are pregnant or are nursing.

What other cosmetic treatments may be combined with Botox?
One of the greatest combination of treatments involves the simultaneous use of Botox and facial fillers like Juvederm or Radiesse. With this combo treatment, an “instant face lift” may be achieved by using Botox in the brow and forehead region, and facial fillers around the mouth, lips, and smile lines.

What is the cost?
The cost of Botox depends on the amount used, which is measured in units. A typical Botox treatment (one area) starts at $300. Larger and stronger muscles may require more Botox to produce adequate relaxation. At your consultation, Dr. Hess will review your specific needs and the treatment price.

What is the recovery like?
One of the advantages of Botox treatments is that, in general, no recovery time is needed. The procedure may be administered during a lunch break. You will be instructed not to rub the treated area for a couple of hours after the treatment. It is also a good idea to try to “exercise” the treated muscles for the first few hours following the treatment, to allow the Botox to distribute evenly across the muscle.

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