Patient Comments

Patient Comments

“My experience with Hess Plastic Surgery was absolutely wonderful! Dr. Hess and his staff by far exceeded all my expectations. My appointments were always very thorough and all of my questions were answered, even when my type A nurse personality kicked in. Dr. Hess answered all of my emails in a timely manner easing all of my worries. I have never felt more comfortable in a doctor’s care than I did here with Hess Plastic Surgery! From consultation to post op the care was phenomenal! I’ll actually miss coming to the office. Thank you so much!” –EH

“I researched several doctors online and Dr. Hess was the 1st one on my list. I loved that the website said he did ballet, to me that meant flexible and creative. Since I liked him, I did not go meet any other doctor and booked surgery that same day. I love my surgical results and wish I had done it earlier! The fast recovery did it all for me. I was back to work in 3 days, and shopping 6 hours after surgery. I was very impressive and people did not believe it. I will recommend Dr. Hess to anyone in a heart beat. The results were great and I could not be happier! I will return to Dr. Hess if I need to have plastic surgery again, I have recommended him to three people since my surgery. Thanks again!” –CO

“I chose your office because Dr. Hess was perhaps the ONLY surgeon in NOVA that was completely honest with me and wasn’t trying to push procedures I didn’t need. I felt comfortable with him immediately and I trust him, which is more than I can say for most doctors. Chris Hess is a good man, who also happens to be a good doctor. All of my questions were answered, even questions I didn’t think to ask. The accreditation of the doctor was the #1 most important criteria, as well as the facility and its hospital affiliation.

The nursing staff was wonderful, I did have questions and received a call back immediately, and they were very responsive. They are superstars, every last one. My pre and post-operative needs were met and exceeded. I love the result! Why didn’t I do this earlier? If I ever needed to have plastic surgery again, I wouldn’t go anywhere else; I have recommended the doctor to friends and family.” –ES

“My initial contact with Hess Plastic Surgery was courteous and helpful, Katie was super friendly. All of my questions were answered — the accreditation of the surgeon and facility are very important to me. The brochures were very informative as well as the internet.

I read Dr. Hess’ blog which answered many questions and put me at ease. I did consider another plastic surgery office but yours was warm and fuzzy, took time to explain, I didn’t feel rushed and you didn’t suggest other “procedures” you thought I needed. Also, you were honest about breast augmentation size and didn’t try to make me go larger.

The financial arrangements and nursing staff were easily accessible if I had questions or concerns. The pre-operative package was fantastic! The pre and post-operative care met all of my needs. I feel so happy about my surgical results, I wish I had done it sooner. –MM

This was a fantastic experience, great office, great surroundings. Calm, patient, and took a lot of time with me to explain everything. If I am in need of plastic surgery in the future I will return to Hess Plastic Surgery and refer Dr. Hess to my friends and relatives.

Everything was positive, from my initial phone call with Katie, very friendly. Dr. Hess made me feel very comfortable.” –DW

My initial contact and during my visits the receptionist was courteous and helpful, Katie is excellent! I was referred by my primary care physician. The consultation was very educational and helpful in understanding the procedures. All of my questions were answered, the accreditation of the surgeon was very important to me. The brochures were very nice with full understanding.

I did consider another plastic surgeon, but I thought Dr. Hess was more understanding. He listened and most of all took his time with us. The pre-operative packet was good and easy to understand. I feel my results are good for the neck and for the breast surgery.

Thanks to all of you! Very caring, kind, no wait for patient that was very nice. We thought Katie was the best front desk person we have ever dealt with and with my years of nursing she is excellent. Dr. Hess is very personal also. –NC

“Dr. Hess put me at ease straight away. He was very generous with his time and shared his abundance of knowledge in his field. What I loved about him was not only his skills and sense of humor, but his honesty. If there was something he felt someone else could do with more expertise, he referred you to that doctor for that specific procedure. A fabulous quality for a surgeon to have! I recommend him highly!!” PG

“My overall experience at Hess Plastic Surgery: A++
All pre-,trans- and post-surgery actions were done in a superb, professional manner; I was pleasantly surprised with the results; my expectations were exceeded at every turn. I’ve been thoroughly delighted with the results, and have already recommended Hess Plastic Surgery to others. Dr. Hess, you’re a magician. Nice job! Thanks” JM

“I was recently at your Emergency Room. I wanted to thank the hospital and the staff that engaged in my recovery on that evening July 8, 2005. To Julie Day, PA I never had the chance to engage with you but I was told that you were concerned about my condition. I want to thank you for your genuine concern. To Jonathon Gorbach, MD I would also like to thank you for your commitment in making sure I was in good hands before you had to leave and take care of additional patients that were obviously under your care. To Christopher Hess, MD I want to thank you sincerely for taking the time to make sure that my face would repair in a manner that was similar to the one I had before you met me. I understand that your staff is always tasked more than what it should be, but I felt that you guys took a great deal of time and care in making sure that I was comfortable and that my wounds were attended to in a manner that would allow me to resume my day to day work activities. I can’t say enough that would thank you in a proper way, but I do appreciate your effort in taking care of me. Your hospital was genuine in their concern and I can’t thank you enough. To all of the above that cared for me, Thank You So Very Much it won’t be soon forgotten. I think too often your services go unrewarded and I feel you’re a great attribute to your profession.” Northern Virginia Resident, July 2005”

Out of the mouth of babes “It didn’t hurt” –ZR

For his parents
“The whole procedure was a scary one, but from the beginning Dr. Hess explained everything step by step and relieved the pre-surgery fears that we had. After he was soothing and available. Overall, the experience was positive and successful” –LMR

“It was my idea to have the “enhancement” surgery. I researched for months and met with numerous doctors, but after meeting Dr. Hess and having a consultation, I booked the surgery within a week. As the big day approached I was not nervous as all my questions had been answered. After the surgery, I had practically no pain and went back to work within a few days. My only “side affect” was bigger bust and my only complaint was that I didn’t have this done earlier. I feel so much better and I love the fact that these look so natural since people don’t believe me when I tell them they’re implants. This really couldn’t have been a better experience.” –AKK

“When I first came to Dr. Hess’ office, I entered in a fragile state physically and emotionally. To my relief, I left feeling reassured and most of all hopeful. And Dr. Hess and his staff did meet my expectations. I have had excellent care and results.” –KK

“On April 24, 2009 Dr. Hess gave me my first ever Botox injection. He first thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the area. The treatment itself was simple-five injections between my brows. There was only minor discomfort. Within hours, I could see a difference. When I tried to frown, the area was noticeably smoother. By the following day, my ’11’s’ were completely gone!” –SS

“I Had the VI peel treatment done in April 2009 and loved my results! First Dr. Hess applied the acetone which was the only unpleasant part in the entire process due to the very strong odor. After the peel was applied, I only felt a slight tingling sensation. No timing or neutralizing was needed. When I left the office all I felt was like a sunburn. The next day my skin felt and looked very tight and tan. On day three, the skin around my mouth started to peel. The following day was when the peeling was at it’s worst. On the fifth day, the skin on the outer portion of my face (hairline, cheeks and chin) started to slough off. By the end of the week, my skin texture was very soft and smooth, and the pores were refined. I would definitely do this peel again to get my skin looking flawless! Mahalo Dr. Hess!” –SS

“I am very satisfied with the information I received at my consultation. As I have told Dr. Hess before, I went to different plastic surgeons and I felt comfident with going with Dr. Hess. He seemed very knowledgeable and experienced so I’m glad I chose the right surgeon. Katie was also very friendly(front desk).” –AK

“The pre-operative package and post-op instructions were extremely thorough. The pre/post operative care met my needs. The revision of previous surgery provided a much improved result by Dr. Hess. Some issues may need even further procedures. Dr. Hess is talented, professional and an extremely nice man. There is nothing I can think of that can be done to improve my experience. Dr. Hess is very honest on true results that can be achieved with surgery. I appreciate his forth right most of all (not to mention his skills).” –RC

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