Drooping Eyes After Botox

Botox Cosmetic® really is thought of as the “cure all” for facial aging.aging-eyes-21 Through RealSelf.com I have encountered any number of patients asking about fixing wrinkles in any area of the face with Botox.  Unfortunately, Botox is definitely not a “cure all” especially around the eyes.

As we age skin loses its elasticity and thus its toughness.  This is usually first recognized around the eyes with the development of “crows feet.”  In our early 30’s and 40’s this is a great time for Botox to relax the obicularis muscle and smooth the “crows feet.”  But as we age not only do we have to worry about loss of elasticity we also have to be concerned about the effects of gravity.  Gravity causes eyebrow droop which contributes to excess upper eyelid skin, sagging of the lower lid and periorbital wrinkles.

In our youth, 30’s or 40’s, Botox injected around the lateral eyes will relax “crows feet” and elevate the lateral brow creating the “Botox lift.” However, with increasing age and brow droop Botox can become detrimental.  If the lateral forehead is injected with Botox, in the aging forehead, this can cause significant sagging of the brow, increased accentuation of the excess upper lid skin and even problems with eyesight.  This is a clear indication that a brow lift is in order and Botox should not be used.

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