What Will Breasts Look Like After Augmentation?

This is another of very common questions I am asked during a consultation.  It’s a reasonable question and should be asked because the expectation of many patients is not necessarily what can be achieved.

The rule is “the shape of the breasts prior to surgery dictates the end result.”  For the most part, this is true.  Young women with small breasts that have no ptosis or natural drop to the breasts will have high sitting, round breasts after augmentation.

Below is a 26 year old patient:


Conversely, as women mature a natural drop to the breasts will occur.  With augmentation these breasts will have the same, natural shape simply larger.

This patient is 36 years old:


The exceptions to the rule occur with the use of very large breast implants or high profile implants.  With these implants the breast tissue will be stretched over the implants losing all of the natural drop.  The result is round, high sitting, more “fake” or less natural breasts.  (This is evident in certain well-known actresses.)

During your preoperative process it’s important to thoroughly discuss the size and profile of the implants you choose with your plastic surgeon. Why is this so important? Understanding what kind of results can actually be achieved and setting proper expectations leads to happier patients!

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