Botox® Cosmetic, an Alternative to Aging in Fairfax, Virginia

Millions of people have had Botox® Cosmetic procedures performed since it’s introduction and approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Botox® Cosmetic is derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria, which produces the nerutoxin botulin that causes flaccid muscular paralysis as seen in botulism. However, Botox® Cosmetic in its current form, once administered, can temporarily reduce moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows and your forehead, lasting up to 4 months. Patient can expect to see results within days after a single Botox® Cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Christopher Hess can help you make an informed decision on receiving Botox® Cosmetic treatments and whether they would be right for you.

The following video, produced by Allergan, the pharmaceutical company responsible for creating Botox® Cosmetic, highlights real patients who received treatments and who share their success stories on the benefits of Botox® Cosmetic.

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