Why the Midface Lift is Necessary

As we age the effects of sun damage, gravity and genetic aging act out their cruel escapades on the face.  This is most evident in the lower lid/cheek region.  As the cheek ages its fat, called the festoon, moves inferiorly and medially toward the nose.  This accentuates the nasolabial or cheek fold.  Although dermal fillers can improve the appearance of the nasolabial fold temporarily, surgery will eventually be necessary to restore the midface to its youthful appearance.

The midface is the region of the face that encompasses the cheeks up to the lateral nose and inferiorly to the depression caused by the junction between the upper and lower jaws.  This is often the most under served area of the face because many surgeons are reluctant to perform midface lifts.  To be honest the midface lift isn’t rocket science.  I perform this by making an incision in the upper eyelid and dissecting to the lateral orbital rim.  Then I make an incision above the upper teeth gum to elevate the tissue.  A stitch is placed form the lateral rim deep tissue to the cheek and back up elevating the cheek tissue.   If a brow procedure is being performed the midface lift can be performed through an incision behind the hairline.

The pros of a midface are that youthful rejuvenation of the midface is achieved.  The downside is that swelling can last up to 6 weeks or more to resolve.   But if you’re looking to restore that youthful facial appearance click here or call 703.752.6608 for a complementary consultation regarding facial rejuvenation.

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