Why Size Doesn’t Matter!

Does size really matter?  No, it doesn’t!  When I discuss breast augmentation with patients one of the first questions I get is “what size will I be when we’re done?”breasts-with-bra The reality is who knows?   Why because I’ve only had one patient see me for a consultation who was wearing the correct bra size.   It’s really unfortunate but the majority of women aren’t wearing the correct bra size.  Why, I’m not really sure but my wife is helping me to understand.

From what I’ve gathered, when girls are young mom chooses the first bra.  Obviously this decision is based on extensive knowledge of human anatomy and lingerie….or mom’s guess work, probably based on her own size.  As girls move into womanhood they want to feel sexy and go to Victoria’s Secret for lingerie.  The problem is that the salesperson may not be educated in breast measurement and, as I’m being told, different brands are not interchangeable.  This is so foreign for a man because men’s clothing is based on real numbers, i.e. waist and inseam.  On the other hand women’s clothing is based on….  Okay there’s nothing that women’s clothing is based on except for consumer dollars – the more you spend the smaller the size.

So ladies you need to know, and not be ashamed of, your bra size.  Here is a web site to help you or google “how to measure your bra size.”  In terms of size after augmentation or any other breast surgery it is not the “size” that matters but how proportionate the breasts are to your body frame.  I evaluate each patient and together we determine what will be the most appropriate breast size such that the breasts are proportionate to the body.  After surgery I send all of my patients to a boutique such as Trousseau of Vienna Virginia. So although I may tell a patient that I’m aiming for a “C”, because most women understand this to be the midrange, it may be a DD or a B depending on the band circumference.

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