Vi Peel Day 5

I must admit I’ve never been able to watch a peel this closely.  Yesterday, day 4 brought continued peeling but significantly less.  With heavy moisturizer use my wife was able to keep is under control.

Today the peeling has, for the most part, stopped.  Except for a small area around the chin.  With the peeling stopping she is able to return to her normal skin care regimen of Obagi skin care with Retin-A  0.1%.   I’m really quite amazed at the change in her skin.  The skin is tighter with less wrinkling. Pore size is smaller.  The skin color is very even across the entire face.  Overall the skin, if this was even possible, looks healthier and younger.

Before starting the Vi peel I was of the mindset that it would probably help but didn’t know how much.  After 5 days I’m very convinced that the Vi Peel is an excellent product and lives up to it’s reputation.

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