Vi Peel Day 2

So two days ago I tried the Vi peel on my wife.  I strongly believe in trying out product on myself, wife or staff before my patients.  This gives us an accurate assesment of the product and allows us to see if the product does what is advertised.

When applying the peel my wife said it did sting but that the stinging resolved quickly.  Overall, not “painless” as billed but not intolerable.  I believe that any facial rejuvenation product that doesn’t cause a little pain probably doesn’t do anything.  The company also state that the redness that occurs immediately resolves by the time the patient leaves the office.  This too isn’t true as she continues to be red on day 2.  That night, when using the Retin-A wipes, she did experience some minor stinging again which quickly resolved.

On day 1 she began to peel.  Although the literature states this doesn’t usually occur until day 3.  She used moisturizer all day which kept the peeling at a minimum during the day.

On day 2 she woke up peeling significantly.  The peeling is different than a sunburn.  This peeling tissue is thicker and in larger sheets.  This is an excellent sign that the peel is really working to remove the unhealthy tissue and stimulate collagen production.

It’s always interesting to see how products work compared to the companies marketing.  With that said I’m very happy with the Vi peel because I think it incorporates many different acids and as a next generation peel is a better product than past peels.  Click here or call our office at 703.752.6608 for a complementary consultation with Dr. Christopher Hess to discuss the Vi Peel or any facial rejuvenation.

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