Tummy Tuck and Cost

tummy-full-or-miniThe tummy tuck is and has been a mainstay of cosmetic surgery practices.  But what they are and how much they cost can be incredibly confusing.  Names such as standard, extended, mini, hybrid and others don’t necessarily give a patient a thorough understanding of the procedure.  So lets take them one by one.

The extended abdominoplasty usually refers to an incision extending from posterior hip to posterior hip but not connecting across the back and an incision around the belly button.  The abdominal skin is elevated up to the ribs and the lateral thighs are either bluntly elevated or liposuctioned.  The abdominal muscles are tightened with permanent suture, the excess muscle from the abdomen and lateral thighs are cut off and the incisions closed in many layers.  This tightens the stomach and elevates the lateral thighs.

In the standard abdominoplasty the incision ends at the anterior hips, as in the picture.  The remainder of the procedure is the same except for the lateral thigh part.

The mini abdominoplasty usually refers to any procedure that does not involve an incision around the belly button.  These are good for tightening the muscles below the belly button, and rarely above, and removal of skin/fat from the lower abdomen or “pooch.”  I love this procedure when it is combined with liposuction.  It’s great for the mommy makeover.  Unfortunately, if there is excess skin above the belly button it is not removed and continues to be a problem.

Another procedure that can help women with mild excess skin above the belly button and muscle laxity is a periumbilical abdominoplasty.  Here an incision in the superior belly button is made from the 3-9:00 positions, the skin in the midline is elevated endoscopically and the muscle is tightened with permanent suture.  A crescent shaped piece of tissue is remove from the around around the belly button and the skin is closed.  Unfortunately, the skin will be somewhat bunched in appearance until it settles.

With the great variety of procedures it’s no wonder prices are all over the place.  I charge anywhere from $4200 for a small mini tummy tuck  to $7800 for an extended tummy tuck.  Feel free to contact us at 703.752.6608 for your complementary consultation.

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