The Most Important Part of a Tummy Tuck-the Belly Button

female-umbilicusI know it sound a bit crazy to blog on the belly button but I have to tell you I’m tired of the most important part of a tummy tuck being the “I can’t forget to close the belly button” part of the surgery-no thought, no aesthetic consideration, no caring.  It is the most important part of the tummy tuck because it’s the one point on the abdomen that draws the eye.  It can be the most sensual area or the most unappealing part of the abdomen depending on the closure technique.

During a tummy tuck the skin and fat just below the skin of the entire abdomen is elevated off of the muscle layer.  An incision is made around the belly button so that it is left attached to the abdominal muscles.  The rectus or 6-pack muscles are then, usually, sutured together, then the excess skin is cut off , a hole is made for the belly button and all of the incisions are closed.  In reality it’s pretty simple and unfortunately that’s the thought running through most surgeons minds.  So the belly button is really an after thought-make a hole and stitch the belly button to it.

But the female belly button isn’t a circular hole it’s much more.  A sensual belly button is oval in shape, concave at its center point with a hood of skin around the superior aspect.  To create this takes a unique understanding of how the skin incision is made.   I take great pride in the belly button’s I create during a tummy tuck.  I feel that it’s the most important part of the procedure.  So if you would like a sensual looking abdomen after a tummy tuck contact our office at 703.752.6608 for a complementary consultation.

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