The Mommy Makeover

The mommy makeover is one of the latest catch phrases in plastic surgery.  And of course I coined the phrase (okay every plastic surgeon says that).  Regardless of this, why does it resonate so well today and what does it mean?  If you haven’t been keeping up the moms of today are appreciated more for their sex appeal than ever before.  This has been greatly helped by media profiles of famous moms, especially in their 40’s and 50’s.  Because of this more and more moms are not accepting that they are stuck with their post pregnancy body.

With pregnancy comes weight gain.  And after pregnancy how many moms really have time to raise a child or children, manage a home and significant other, work and hit the gym?  Not many that I know.  Although there are some changes that occur with pregnancy that can’t be changed, such as the change in the bony pelvis, most things can be improved surgically.  The most common being the breasts and the abdomen.

Following pregnancy and breastfeeding many women are left with mildly to greatly sagging breasts that little resemble the breasts they had in their 20’s.  However, a breast lift with or without implant augmentation can return confidence and sex appeal to any mom.

Next the most common procedures I perform on the abdomen are the mini-tummy tuck with abdominal and flank liposuction and liposuction only of the abdomen and flanks.  However, a full abdominoplasty may be necessary.  These procedures will define the midsection and waist.  A decrease in clothing size is the most common outcome of these procedures.

By restoring the breasts and abdomen mothers can feel confident in a bikini, cocktail dress or sports attire at the gym hence the term “mommy makeover.”

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