The Midface Lift

Any time I bring up the topic of a midface lift I get the most quizzical looks.  Although it is a less frequently performed than a standard facelift, it is no less important in facial rejuvenation.

The midface is the region from the lower eyelids superiorly to the lateral nose medially to the lateral cheek and in a triangular shape inferiorly.  The tissue in this region is the fat that normally remains on the cheek bones.  However, due to age, genes, sun damage and many other factors it descends leading to changes in the lower lid, cheeks and of course midface.

The correction of the midface can be done by many different approaches.  If the patient is undergoing facial rejuvenation with upper lid blepharoplasty, I prefer to use this upper lid incision to access the lateral orbiatl rim.  In addition I make a small incision in the mouth to elevate the tissues off the bone.  A stitch is placed through the upper lid incision, down to the mouth incision, the cheek tissues are grabbed and tied at the lateral orbital rim.  The midface is elevated a few millimeters to regain that youthful cheek appearance.  This procedure can also be performed through an incision in the lateral scalp if an upper lid blepharoplasty is not being performed at the same time.

The midface lift is fast and very powerful in its effect.  Although facial swelling lasts longer than a standard facelift (the two procedures address different areas and are not comparable) the results are very rewarding.

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