The Endoscopic Brow Lift

As we age loss of skin elasticity and gravity take their toll on the periorbital area including the brows.  The brows sag, initially on their lateral aspect then eventually the medial brows fall.  Unfortunately, there are no lasers, injectable fillers or Botox that will solve this problem.  So we are left with one of the most powerful age reducing surgeries in plastic surgery-the brow lift. 

The original coronal brow lift was performed by making an incision across the scalp from ear to ear.  The scalp flap was elevated on the bone down to the eyebrows.  Several cuts are made in the deepest tissue, called the periosteum, and the tissues are pulled back, the excess skin removed and the tissue sutured to the remaining scalp.  By all intent a great surgery that still has its place and results in a great outcome.  The problem is that the incision can be noticeable, especially when getting out out of the water.  And there is permanent numbness posterior to the incision due to transection of the nerves.

So the endoscopic brow lift was developed.  In this procedure 5 incisions are make just behind the hairline.  The scalp flap is elevated off the bone with the help of endoscopic instruments, as in the coronal flap, down to the eyebrows.  The cuts are made in the periosteum and the tissues are pulled up.  Instead of the excess tissue being cut off and re-sutured, special tacks are placed into the bone and the tissue is pulled up and secured onto these tacks.

The results of the endoscopic brow lift are excellent with less down time than the original coronal lift.  Click here or call our office for a complementary consultation to discuss your sagging and tired brows.

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