Sneak preview of CoolSmooth, coming soon from the makers of CoolSculpting

Here’s a look at what’s next from the makers of CoolSculpting, the wonderful fat-freezing device that we have here at our Fairfax office.

CoolSmooth is not available in the US yet, but it is in the UK and reporter Ingeborg von Lotringen for Cosmopolitan UK did a pretty great job describing the new treatment in this snarky, yet informative article.

How is the new device different from the CoolSculpting device we have here? It’s the same technology, it’s just applied differently.

“The CoolSmooth attachment is the size and roughly the shape of a small beach ball bat, with an adjustable curve. It doesn’t suck in fat, but lies on top of it, allowing for a far greater area to be treated. The catch is that instead of an hour of freeze time, it takes two. That’s because the tissues aren’t surrounded by an ice pack, as it were, as is the case with the vacuum mouthpiece.”

Read the full article.

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