Secondary Augmentation With Smaller Implants

A recent study found that there is a 12.5% chance of needing another surgery within five years of breast augmentation.  And although most patients don’t change implant size this early after initial surgery it does occur and attention to detail is important.

Following breast augmentation the breast tissue will stretch to accommodate the implant.  In addition the capsule forms around the implant keeping it in the proper location.  When a revision augmentation is requested and the patient desires a smaller implant these two issues must be dealt with.

First the implant capsule will not shrink on its own to accommodate the smaller implant so it needs to be reduced in size.  This is called a capsulorraphy.  Typically this is done by stitching the lateral aspect of the capsules anterior part to its posterior part.  Next, because the breast tissue and skin have stretched it is common to have to do a breast lift or mastopexy to maintain the correct nipple position.

On occasions when the implant was originally placed under the gland the new implant may need to be placed under the muscle.  This necessitates complete removal of the capsule and closure of the original space.

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