Sculpting the Abs with Liposuction – on The Doctors TV

Can you sculpt the abdomen with liposuction to create a flatter abdomen or “six-pack” appearance? This question is the subject of a recent episode of CBS “The Doctors” television show.

Blair Underwood from L.A. Law appears on the segment, saying, “I am good right now with the 6-pack, but I hear there’s a plastic surgery you can do to work out the 6-packs when I am older. If there’s a plastic surgery for a man, let the brother know.”

The doctors respond with a mention of Ultrasonic Liposuction, what Dr. Drew Ordon describes as “super-charged lipo.” “It not only sucks out the fat, but it first melts those fat cells… loosens them up so you’re allowed to remove more fat cells evenly” he says.
So, can liposuction actually accentuate a man’s abdomen?

According to Dr. Ordon, a technique called “etching” can work in this manner. “We turn the instrument up, we bring it more superficial, to the skin, and actually etch out a six-pack,” he explains.

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