Newer Techniques for Breast Reduction in Fairfax, Virginia

For decades breast reductions have been performed the same way.  But that certainly doesn’t mean it was the best way.  More recently a technique that was briefly considered more than 40 years ago has returned to become the standard of care for breast reduction at Hess Plastic Surgery.  Known as the “superomedial pedicle” breast reduction it has reduced many of the complications prevalent with the older technique.

The object of a breast reduction is to make the breast smaller, but also to elevate the nipple areolar complex.  The reduction technique that has been used for years involves removing breast tissue from the lateral, superior and medial areas of the breast.  The remaining tissue, called the pedicle, arises from the center of the breast crease, and extends up to and somewhat around the nipple areolar complex.  This tissue, called the inferior pedicle because it comes from the inferior part of the breast, contains the blood supply to the nipple.  This blood supply arises primarily from 1-3 small vessels.

Today’s newer technique removes breast tissue from the lateral, inferior and inferomedial areas of the breast.  This leaves the superior and the superomedial breast tissue.  This pedicle contains many blood vessels and thus avoids problems associated with a limited blood supply.

The second and most important difference in these two techniques concerns overall breast support.  In the older technique the breast must be pushed up from the bottom.  Truly a difficult task for tissue that has the consistency of jello.  The newer technique suspends the breast from above, similar to a suspension bridge.  Clearly a superior technique.

I prefer this newer technique because it has clear advantages over the older technique.  Click here to learn more about breast reduction. 

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