Liposuction Body Sculpting – Fairfax and Northern Virginia

Liposuction was first invented in 1974 by Italian gynecologist dr. Giorgio Fischer. Several years later this procedure was taken to France where it became extremely popular by Dr. Illouz, a plastic surgeon. In the mid 1980’s Dr. Jeffrey Klein and Dr. Patrick Lillis, both Dermatologists, invented and pioneered the Tumescent Technique of liposuction, which is widely used today. Tumescent liposuction offers a safer procedure which causes less bleeding, less pain and less recovery time for the patient.

Liposuction offers the benefit of removing excess fat from localized areas of the body where dieting does not. However, liposuction should not be used as an alternative to dieting and proper exercise.

Today there are many forms of liposuction techniques and procedures and a patient needs to thoroughly research their options before deciding on what would be best for them.

If you live in Fairfax or Northern Virginia and have been considering liposuction, please contact Hess Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Hess would be pleased to talk with you about your goals and desires for a slimmer more youthful appearance. Dr. Hess is board certified by the America Society of Plastic Surgeons and can help you decide if liposuction would be right for you.

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