Italian Study Evaluates Outcomes of Male Breast Reduction

When men are affected by gynecomastia, male breast reduction can improve quality-of-life, according to a recent study by plastic surgeons in Siena and Pisa, Italy.

Men who have gynecomastia have excess breast tissue.

The problem can develop during adolescence or adulthood.

Gynecomastia can negatively affect a man’s self-image, harming his quality of life for years.

Male breast reduction is common solution for gynecomastia.

A plastic surgeon can remove glandular tissue and fat, sculpting the chest into a more masculine shape.

Research on Male Breast Reduction

The Italian study evaluated 126 cases of gynecomastia during a six-year period. The average patient was a 28 year old male. Most patients had symptoms of gynecomastia on both sides of the chest, while a smaller number (11.9 percent) had the condition on one side.

During procedures, the surgeons employed different techniques as necessary. They frequently performed “adenomammectomy with periareolar inferior or inverted Omega incision,” while another alternative was “circumareolar or vertical scar incision and liposuction.”

The procedures effectively removed the excess glandular tissue and fat from the patient’s chest.

How Effective Was Your Procedure?

Before and after their male breast reduction surgery, patients filled out questionnaires for their experiences. They answered questions like:

  • Why did you choose to undergo male breast reduction?
  • How satisfied are you with your results?
  • Has the quality of your life improved after surgery?

According to the study, patients had high satisfacton: “all patients reported an improvement in their quality of life with an average satisfaction score of 8.2 out of 10.” The complication rate was reportedly 17.72 percent.

“We suggest to the patients affected by gynecomastia to undergo surgery always and as soon as possible,” the authors conclude.

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