How we’re embracing transparent patient reviews, even the scary ones

Several months ago we embarked on an interesting new journey here at Hess Plastic Surgery, that we definitely had some apprehension toward. In the world of plastic surgeons, the fear of getting a bad online review keeps us awake at night.

We plastic surgeons care very much about the results and experiences of our patients, so when I began using anonymous surveys to ask our patients how they felt about their experience, both after consultation and surgery, it was eye-opening.

Our colleague Marie Olesen, who runs a plastic surgery practice in La Jolla, California, recently wrote about the choice plastic surgeons have to view patient reviews either as a threat or an opportunity.

We take the “opportunity” postion, rather than the “threat.” When reviews are seen as an opportunity for a plastic surgeon to take even better care of patients, everybody wins. This is the choice we have made here at Hess Plastic Surgery, and we share it all in the open without removing the reviews that may not be the best, because this is where we’ve had a chance to do even better in the future.

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