Facial Fat Adds Youth

It’s ironic that as we strive to stay fit and keep those extra pounds off for our health it can be detrimental to facial aging.  After all youth is fat; just look at any baby.  As we age we tend to lose fat especially in our faces.  So how do we keep that facial fullness and a healthy body.  Add the fat back of course!

Currently there really aren’t any dermal fillers that have permanent longevity except Artefill®.  It’s a good product but drawbacks include possible allergy to the product and injection site firmness that may take a while to resolve.  So autologous (your own) fat is a great choice.  After all we usually have enough to spare someplace

Fat grafting of the face involves removal of fat, via a small liposuction cannula, usually from the abdomen, flanks or thighs.  The “aspirate” or substance removed is then separated into pure fat and liquid components.  A small 2mm incision is make in the face at the desired location and the fat is injected through small, blunt needles.  The fat is laid down in many separate tracks to increase survivability.  Over-correction is necessary as some of the fat will be absorbed.

Although fat grafting may have to be done more than once to achieve the desired correction it has minimal downsides.  It is a soft substance that normally belongs in the face and it’s your own tissue.

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