Choosing the Correct Breast Implant: Part 3 Personality and Social Perception

personalityWhether you’re a vibrant, outgoing, Type A personality or a quiet, shy, Type B personality there’s an implant that will enhance your body while maintaining the real you.

When choosing an implant, you may want to approximate the professional as well as the social ramifications.  Exceptionally large (even disproportionate) breasts may be perfectly suitable for some outgoing women in certain professions. And if the added attention that they could bring is understood and acceptable for the patient, then they may be quite suitable or even an asset.

Conversely, many patients want the aesthetic improvement that breast augmentation can deliver without overtly advertising that they underwent the procedure. Implants that create breasts that are proportionate will allow clothing to fit well, make you look great in a swimsuit or cocktail dress, and avoid unwanted attention in a professional setting.

When choosing the correct breast implant, take some serious time to assess your personality, profession, and how you want to be perceived.  These considerations are as important and relevant as any other criteria I’ve discussed.

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