Choosing the Correct Breast Implant: Part 10 Don’t Let Your Surgeon Decide For You

angry-manI have found through my work with sites like RealSelf that patients are often left out of the decision making process or simply allow their surgeon to determine the correct implants, only to be disappointed with the outcome.  The number of questions I answer about “what size will I be after X size implants?” or “will X implants give me the look I want?” astounds me and reinforces this point. I don’t know why this is but it’s definitely not the most caring way to prepare patients for surgery.

This series was put together so that perhaps more patients and surgeons will appreciate the numerous areas that must to be considered before choosing the correct breast implants.   Determining the correct implant must be a collaborative effort between patient and physician.  Use your surgeon as a guide. Use his or her knowledge, sizers, and experience – but trust the knowledge you have and your own personal desires to make decisions.

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