Choosing the Correct Breast Implant: Part 1 Bra Size Doesn't Matter

Woman with bra and tape measureThe most common request I hear during a breast augmentation consultation is “I’d like to be a “C” cup.” And, although I have come to interpret this as “I’d like my breasts to look like they fit my body” that may not entail being a “C” after breast augmentation.  After all a “C” for one woman may not be the same as it is for another; it’s all in perspective.  And besides what does a “C” or “A” or “B” etc. really mean?

To get an idea of how absurd the lingerie business has gotten just go to Google and search for “How is a bra cup determined?”  You’ll quickly see the millions of sites that try to claim that their measurement system, or the one they’ve copied, is the best.  Just to determine the number in a bra size almost requires a degree in math.   And unfortunately all bra manufacturers utilize one of these different systems.  Thus bras from different manufacturers are unlikely to fit similarly.  You may be a 36 C in one bra and a 34 D in another and so on.

So don’t get hung up on bra size.  Your satisfaction is the most important factor.  If you end up as a “D” cup, or any size other than what you thought you should be, but you’re happy with the appearance of your body, then the bra size basically becomes irrelevant.   By understanding and appreciating the “bra concept” you’ll be more empowered with the knowledge to choose the correct breast implant.

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