Breast Screening After Breast Implants common question that is raised to me during a breast augmentation consultation is the ability to detect breast cancer after breast implants.  I’m pleased when women ask this as it confirms that they following physician recommendations on breast cancer screening.

While it seems that the detection of breast cancer after breast augmentation would be more difficult, most studies have found that there is no increase in the delay of breast cancer or the stage at which cancer is detected between augmented patients and non-augmented patients.  Most augmentation today are performed by placing the implants under the muscle, as opposed to under the gland only.  This helps to expose more breast tissue when a mammogram is performed.  However, after breast augmentation an additional view, called the Eklund view, must be performed to increase the ability to visualize the entire breast.

In addition the FDA recommends that MRI’s be performed after breast augmentation.  This is to ensure that there is no risk of increased disease related to breast implants.  While I firmly believe that there is absolutely no increased risk of breast cancer with breast augmentation I do believe that every woman should perform monthly breast examinations and yearly mammograms.   And to follow the FDA recommendations for MRI’s.

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