Breast Augmentation with Teardrop Implants

What a great idea-create a breast implant that has the same shape as a natural breast!  When these implants were created it seemed that they would be the ideal for breast augmentation.  Unfortunately, the idea was greater than the reality.

Teardrop implants, also called contoured or anatomic, have more fullness in the bottom of the implant.  On a side view they replicate a natural breast shape.  So why don’t we use these for breast augmentation?  There are several problems. 

In order for these implants to provide the augmentation that they were designed for they must remain in a precise position.  If they rotate the breast will assume a distorted appearance.  To keep this position the surface of the implant is textured.  This allows the capsule that forms around the implant to grow into the textured surface and prevent rotation.  Unfortunately, this takes many weeks and there is considerable risk to implant rotation in that time.

The second issue is that when these implants are placed under the existing breast tissue and the pectoralis muscle their shape tends to distort.  The implants assume a virtually round shape due to overlying pressure.  This is less the case in breast reconstruction where the existing breast has been removed.   In this case these implants can be useful.  However, even here a tissue expander is typically used first.  This creates a mature capsule that cannot grow into the implant.

So although, in theory, these implants should be better for breast augmentation, in actuality they have the potential for more postoperative problems. 

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