Asymmetry is Beautiful

actressHow many of you actually realize how asymmetric you are?  Oh you might realize that your eyes or breasts are different if it’s significant but overall have you ever really looked at the two sides of your body?  Probably not and in fact I know most people don’t because I often have to point it out to them during consultation.  But is it a problem?  No, it’s nature.   Take for instance our actress Eva Longoria.  Clearly she is, well, stunning in my book.  But the asymmetry in her face is significant.  Her brows, eyes, cheeks, mouth, nose and jawline all have noticeable differences.  But, it’s these differences that create the overall beauty.  In fact if you ever get a chance to see both left sides of your face morphed into a single face it can be quite frightening.

So discussing asymmetry is always fun and interesting.  Once I’ve pointed out to the patient all of their asymmetries then they want me to make them symmetric.  Huh?  Take for example breasts.  A patient comes in for a breast augmentation.  She’s happy with her breasts but wants them larger.  So after pointing out the asymmetries and informing her that breast augmentation may enhance those asymmetries I’ll often hear “well can you make them the same?”  Again, huh?  No I can’t but I will certainly try to make them of equal size.

The reality is that symmetry in nature doesn’t exist.  When we see symmetry, say in art work, it takes on a peculiar appearance and our minds have a interesting time comprehending it.  So enjoy the differences in your body and know that while plastic surgeons will try to make each side similar we will never make them symmetrical.

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