Arm Lift: Is the Scarring Worth It?

Do your arms look like bower-joella-pre-op-brachyplasty-003-800-x-4002this?  Are you tired of being afraid to wear sleeveless tops?  Than maybe an arm lift is right for you.

An arm lift or brachioplasty involves usually the removal of fat via liposuction then removal of the excess skin.  For the most part the incision to remove the skin is from front to back in the deepest part of the axilla or arm-pit then extends down the inner part of the upper arm to just above the elbow.  When there is less skin to remove occasionally only the axillary incision can be used in conjunction with liposuction.

Although one would think the arm scar would be well camouflaged it actually tends to widen and can become red and be noticeable.  However, this is not always the case as in many instances this scar fades to a fine line that is almost imperceptible.  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to determine who will end up with a good scar.

So the decision comes down to do you want nicely contoured arms that may or may not have a less than perfect scar.  It’s a decision only the patient can make.  I think, as in the above picture, the scar is probably worth it as her contour would be more in line with the rest of her body.  Click here or call 703.752.6608 to discuss your arm concerns.

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