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Plastic surgeon regrows ear for Michigan girl

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Plastic surgery can be truly amazing. For a Michigan girl who was mauled by a raccoon as a tiny baby, a plastic surgeon has created a new year by taking rib cartilage, then implanting it in her arm to allow skin to grow. When Charlotte Ponce was a baby, a pet raccoon attacked her, destroying… Read more…

Extreme Makeover: Plastic Surgery for Better Selfies?

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There’s a new app out there called Perfect365 that lets you edit your selfies and make yourself beautiful before posting the photos to your social media… but some people are even going further and having plastic surgery to fix they way they look. Plastic surgery isn’t the only option for facial rejuvenation though, there are… Read more…

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t come with an eraser

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A recent New York Times article titled ‘That Nose, That Chin, Those Lips‘ took a look at people who had cosmetic surgery to try and look like specific celebrities. In a consultation, it wouldn’t be considered weird or unhealthy to bring along photos of noses or chins or breasts that you appreciate for their natural… Read more…